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The Chinese GlassArt in the British Museum

2014 one Chinese artist Mr. Shi Sen Bin produced the typical glass curtain wall by Chinese glass producing process for the World conservation and Exhibitions Center.


In 2009 the British Museum, one of the biggest museums in the world, approved the new plan to build World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre. It will be at the north west of Bloomsbury zone and will cost over 135 million pounds.



Since the plan was approved in 2010, Chinese glass art master Shi Sen Bin started to produce the curtain wall. It cost 3 years to finish all the wall and the installation was finished in 2013. The new Centre is open in 2014. Different from traditional glass curtain wall, it has an irregular texture on the surface w.


It was finished in 2013 in Shanghai and shipped to London for the site installation. The total area is 2300sq. meter. Mr. Shi Sen Bin combined the traditional glass process with modern technology, which makes the modern building more soft.



As a Chinese glass artist, Mr. Shi Sen Bin said this was the first time for him to combine the art glass and curtain wall and make Chinese traditional glass process into modern architectural design. He said he wanted to help Chinese traditional glass art develop in the field of world architectural and approved by the national market.

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