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· The revolving door、copper door、copper window and cast crystal glass have passed the IOS9001:2000 in February 2004.
· The copper window has passed the testing of physics capability in Shanghai project test center in July 2003.
· The auto revolving door of KZM has obtained thirteen certificates for nation patent in June 2003.
· The firm has got the certificate of Shanghai New Technology Company in 2001.
· Kang Yu has gained the certificate of identification for excellence achievement from architecture in China in Oct 2000.
· The enterprise has got the certificate of identification for science and technology from Shanghai government.
· The series of auto revolving door is the unique enterprise, which has passed the testing from ISO-9002 In Oct 1998; Kang Yu was the unique enterprise, which got the license to produce the financial copper door.
· In 1997, the technical criteria of revolving door passed the testing report from Police Department.
· The technical criteria of revolving door series were the only one to passed the testing form Police Department in April 1996.
· In April 1996, Kang Yu has made the standard of guard against theft financial copper door; the authority department suggests it to be a chief source with national standard.

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