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        In 2002, the introduction of Britain's Yu Kang-the-art equipment, using special technology from experienced experts in optical glass, design professionals work together to produce a large crystal engineering products, so that Kangyu become the only professional design, tailor - Large custom specifications for the construction of the crystal products business, such as the Crystal Ambilight hollow column, Roman column; refraction of the Crystal Symphony of Lights lighting; different style of wooden doors, fountains, decorative wall, decorated bricks, sculpture, Table Tops, screens, cut off, home Bathroom, handrails, large-scale group control, such as doors, to create the world's first large-scale production of crystal, glass decoration to a new, unprecedented new phase of the Crystal ornament.。 

Shanghai Jiu Shi Mansion
Crystal column

Xi Jiao Manor Villa
Crystal column

Crystal column
Crystal column

City Bank—Pudong Branch, Shanghai
Crystal column

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